Corporate Profile

BII Transit Systems Hong Kong is an ISO9001:2015 and ISO90003:2014 certified company incorporated and established in 1984. We are expert in automated fare collection (AFC) systems having a long history in providing technology smartcard solutions to Hong Kong transport Service Providers for all modes of transport. Our holding company BII Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 1522) BII group specialized in the field of urban rail transit, integrating investment and financing, technology research and development, intelligent rail transport construction, operation and maintenance.

BII Transit Systems Hong Kong

BII TSHK specialises in providing fully integrated systems for transit operators - from backend transaction processing, reconciliation and reporting to depot systems, on-vehicle and on-station equipment. BII TSHK has undertaken extensive system enhancements and upgrades for the Hong Kong Octopus System and provides software consulting services and turnkey solutions incorporating hardware, software solutions for Automatic Fare Collection as well as integration of EMV payment application systems.

BII Transit Systems Hong Kong has always maintained amiable relationships with the transport companies within Hong Kong including MTR Corporation Limited (“MTR”), New World First Bus Services Limited (“NWFB”), Citybus Limited (“CTB”) and Kowloon Motor Bus Limited ("KMB").

In the last four years, BII TSHK has designed, manufactured and installed ticket vending machines for the Light Rail in Hong Kong. The new Ticket Machines allow passengers to purchase ticket and also add value to their Octopus cards and feature a graphical user interface with an interactive voice system, guiding the visually impaired.

Additionally BII TSHK entered into a contract with NWFB and CTB for the supply of a complete new Automatic Fare Collection (“AFC”) system in May 2014 with over 2000 buses. The new generation system is now in full operation and enhances operational efficiency and accuracy for the companies in relation to patron operation, driver usage, fare collection, processing and settlement with the system issuer

Our services and products include:

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) products and systems for all modes of public transport, (rail, tram, bus and ferry) utilising all types of ticket technology including magnetic stripe, contact smart card and contactless smart card. Ticket readers, validators, processors, ticket issuing machines, bus driver consoles, fareboxes, on-station ticket vending machines, gates, encoders, distributors and systems integration. Turnkey smart card systems and associated peripherals. Provides mulitpurpose smart card systems which can incorporate membership programs, loyalty schemes, security access, biometric data and social security information; as well as electronic purse functions including retail, public transport ticketing, telephone, road tolling, vending and parking.