• Automated Fare Collection

  • Integrated AFC Solutions

    BII TSHK has over 20 years of experience in front and backend systems and solutions for the smart card industry.
  • BII Group

Bus AFC System

Bus AFC system comprise of ( driver console and card reader ), bus depot computers, depot wi-fi system for data download, management console and back office database and reporting systems. With improved hardware capabilities, automated system operations, initiative user interfaces and faster processing time new generation system enhanced the system operation efficiency and reduced the overall maintenance cost.

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Product Design

Our Product Development Team is available to provide custom product design, electrical engineering support, printed circuit board layout, and mechanical design services. Our services also include: Product outlook design Circuit Design Gerber file creation BOM creation Stencil editing and creation Component cross-referencing As time to market becomes shorter and cost of design change increases, our services help customers develop functional, cost effective and manufacturable products quickly.

AFC Central System

AFC revenue collection management and operational monitoring system. It validates data from lower tiers and store at the database server, forward revenue date to payment gateway or clearing center for daily settlement.

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