• Automated Fare Collection

  • Integrated AFC Solutions

    BII TSHK has over 20 years of experience in front and backend systems and solutions for the smart card industry.

New Generation Driver Display Unit

The Driver Display Unit (DDU) is a modern 32 bit based driver console unit with a backlit keyboard, ample storage and 802.11N based wireless connectivity. When paired with the Bus Card Processor (BCP) it becomes part of a powerful bus system designed to take on all bus AFC needs.

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New Generation Bus Card Processor

The Bus Card Processor (BCP), as paired with the Driver Display Unit (DDU), is an AFC contactless card processor featuring a modern 32 bit CPU with ample storage and connectivity and a large colour display. The four external buttons allow the patron interaction without the need to involve the bus driver.

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Ticket and Add Value Machine

The Ticket and Add Value Machine is designed with a large touchscreen, built in UPS and support for coin acceptance (5 coins) and dispensing (4 coins), bank note acceptance and dispensing and contactless card processing.

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